Best Practices

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Rewards require two images, one for the reward shown in-application, and one that is delivered via email after engagement. All images must be smaller than 80KB.

Reward Image

The reward image must be 600px by 360px and is shown to the user at a moment of achievement. The best reward images have three qualities:

  1. Congratulate the user on the achievement (eg: “Nice Job!”, “Congrats!”)
  2. Simply explain the product in less than 5 words (eg: “Uber: Everyone’s Private Driver”)
  3. Prominently display the reward (eg: “$20 off”, “Free product” ).

Remember that the reward image is shown on a mobile device with a small screen, so the text should be large and easy to read. We’ve also found that rewards with white backgrounds perform poorly, so avoid bland backgrounds.

Click here for great examples.

Email Image

The email image must be 560px wide, any height. The best email images have two qualities:

  1. A very clear call to action for the user (“Click here to Redeem”, “Redeem Now”) and
  2. A reminder of the reward won. If you are using the same promo code for all users, display the code in your email image.

Click here for great examples.

Example Images


Propel Uber Pepsi Hotel Tonight


Propel Uber Diamond Candles Hotel Tonight


Targeting is both an art and science. The best way to approach targeting is to start broad and then narrow down your audience as you see results.

Further Reading: Glossary

The glossary is a list of terms used by Kiip, with descriptions of what they mean. If you’re new to the platform and wish to learn more, it’s a great reference.