Performance Analytics

Once your campaign is activated, you can track real-time analytics in the dashboard. If you wish to edit your campaign, you must deactivate, make changes, and then resubmit for approval.


Key Metrics

Conversion Rate

This is the most important metric in measuring the success of your campaign. It is equal to fullscreen reward impressions divided by engagements. So if you have a conversion rate of 4%, 4 out of every 100 rewards that are shown to users are redeemed. The average conversion rate in the Kiip network is 8%. If your conversion rate is lower than average, read through our best practices to improve your reward image and increase conversion rates.


Fullscreen Impressions

A fullscreen impression is when the user is shown your Kiip reward.

Engaged Users

The number of users that enter their email address and press the redeem button. Note that once a user redeems your reward, she will no longer be shown the reward.

Individual Reward Performance

If your campaign has multiple rewards, their performance is broken down individually. Targeting

For more details, read through our best practices to help you get the most out of your Kiip campaign.